Peace in Pieces

I heard a quote this morning from Steven Furtick that he had to learn to take “peace in pieces.” I love that thought. Anyone with children can relate. You can’t wait for each child to get along, each one to listen and each one to clean up a mess and thank you for being their wonderful mom. I desire a peace that this world can’t offer, the path of peace that I don’t wait for but rather walk in. There are things I didn’t plan for but I am going to use it for His glory. Weakness is often where we find peace. Jesus looked weak going to the cross but he is our Prince of peace and didn’t come in the triumphant display that people expected, although He will come again. You can’t experience peace when you’re expecting perfection. Peace comes in the loss of our pride when we can accept it in our weakness. The presence of Christ enables us to walk in it. These are not all my thoughts but I want to share because I know so many including myself who battled for peace in 2018. It’s Christmas morning and I’m up enjoying the tree lights and quiet of a couple hours before everyone else is up. I believe God wants to give us peace in the process. The process of the lessons of grace we learn to show others. The process of overcoming our flesh and learning to become more Christlike. I made the comment the other day that 2018 has been so “tough” and in some ways it has but I read Ephesians chapter 4 this morning and the commentary asked if my attitude, thoughts, relationships have improved this year and I can honestly say that they have. It is not perfection but a process and I find peace in the pieces of my healing that comes through the washing of His word. I pray that everyone has a Merry Christmas and is blessed in the new year and that the peace that only He can give overwhelms the challenging places of your life.


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