Loving God, Loving Others.

This quote from Francis Chan really spoke to me about the love of God and how it should inspire everything that we do. Nothing we do even matters if it is not motivated by love. Mike and I were talking yesterday about why we get so distracted by little things people do or say that don’t matter when we are really only called to love them. 1 John 4:7 says “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” We can’t truly love until we are found in Him. It’s an area where I fall short many times because I realize how many opportunities I am given in a day to love.

A couple weeks ago, a missionary from our church was able to go to India and share the gospel in an area where it is not necessarily welcome. He reported that many people gave their hearts to Christ during the trip. He was also able to preach the first Christian wedding in the city where a few hundred people heard the Gospel that day for the first time! The picture below is beautiful to me, seeing these women and men with their hands lifted high and praising the name of Jesus!

To me, there are not many better expressions of love than people who are willing to be obedient and go where God leads them. That obedience could make the difference between someone choosing to accept His love or not. The link below allows you to sow into the ministry of missionaries like this who go to the uncomfortable places and engage with the lost. More pictures of this trip can be found at http://www.bcog.me/missions-photo-gallery/.


image1 (2)






One More Time…

I’ve started blogs and forgot about blogs more times than I’d like to admit over the years but it has been stirring in my heart this week to begin another one. I knew this one would need to have a little different purpose and style for me to follow through with it each week! So, I’ve decided to give it one more try and be a little more diligent with posting. Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how God redeems and restores things that we thought were lost or gone forever in our lives. Personally, He has been restoring many things things like passions and gifts in my own life over the past year that I thought were long gone. I think many people can relate to that at some point or another. It seems so appropriate that today is Good Friday and we are coming up on Resurrection Sunday. I believe that life is supposed to be an adventure and a romance with our heavenly Father but too often we hold on so tightly to trying to control situations ourselves rather than waiting on Him. I want to share some of the challenges and joys I see around me through this blog because not only does He restore but He prepares the road ahead of us! Most of you know that Mike and I have been on a crazy journey over the last year between getting married, starting a new job, building our first home, and welcoming our first child together. There have been challenges along the way but it’s only the beginning! I was recently given the opportunity to start organizing missions opportunities and support missionaries that do such incredible work around the world! I’m going to ramble about things Mike and I are learning and doing but I’d also like this to be a place to post about the amazing work they are doing and give an opportunity to pray and support them financially. Below is a link that can be used to support them! I don’t want this first post to be too long but I think the theme here is going to be “One More Time…”